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Our training is reward-based and focuses on setting the dogs and owners up to succeed. This scientific-based dog friendly training method will result in a dog that chooses to listen and loves to train. We do not believe in using coercion to train dogs. Training should be fun for you and your dog and focus on building the dog/owner relationship. Although we offer group instruction we look at each dog and owner as an individual and train at the level where they are at. Our classes are kept small to ensure personal attention.


PUPPY HEAD START (Dogs under the age of 16 weeks)
Enrolling in a good puppy class provides an excellent start for the whole family. Families learn how reward-based training brings out the best in their puppies. The puppy gets to learn appropriate social skills and fundamental obedience exercises and owners will learn how to deal with puppy problems and how best to meet their puppy’s needs. The time from 3 – 16 weeks is a critical period of development for your puppy and your puppy is actually growing a brain to cope with adult life. The opportunity to get your puppy socialized and exposed to many different experiences cannot be put off till later in life. Also start establishing good habits now rather than have to problem solve later. Your puppy must have had at least one vaccination to be eligible for class (proof of vaccinations required). In the Puppy Head Start course we focus on the following:

  • Appropriate socialization skills / Polite greeting
  • Voluntary attention
  • Sit / Leave / Loose lead walking / Recall /Settle Down
  • Introduction to various distractions
  • Advice on dealing with puppy problems eg. biting, house training, chewing etc.


DOG MANNERS 1 (Dogs aged 4 months & older)
In this class the goal is to give you the necessary skills to train your dog. This course will give your dog a solid training foundation. This class is split into two age groups: 4 to 6 months and 6 months to adult. The class is run as a 6 week course.
In Dog Manners 1 we focus on the following exercises.

  • Voluntary attention
  • Sit
  • Leave It
  • Polite greeting
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Come when called
  • Settle down

Please note our junior/adult classes are focused on training. Dogs that are well socialized are allowed to interact where appropriate but that is not the focus of our classes. It is up to the owner to provide appropriate socialization opportunities for their dogs outside of class. Dogs with socialization issues need to be assessed before joining a group class.


Training is never over for you and your dog, it is a life long journey. More than just training basic obedience exercises it is about the relationship, trust, teaching, and the fun. This class is for dogs and owners who have completed the Dog Manners 1 course and who would like to build on the skills learnt and incorporate them in such a way as to make living with your dog a joy. These classes are ongoing and run from month to month. Many of the exercises in the class focus on preparing the dogs to take the KUSA Canine Good Citizen test (optional). Some of the new skills your dog will learn are:

  • Go and settle on a mat (useful if you take your dog out and about with you)
  • Wait at the gate/door/car
  • Working with distance and distractions
  • Come when called (no matter what)
  • Fun agility exercises
  • Trick training



If dancing with your dog conjures up images of you holding your dog's paws and prancing around the room then you are barking up the wrong tree. Canine Musical Freestyle combines traditional obedience elements such as heelwork and attention with creative moves such as spins, weaves and jumps. This exciting and fun sport combines training, music, creativity to demonstrate the relationship between dog and handler and anyone can do it and your dog will love it. This is a great class for teaching your dog to focus and work off leash and to build confidence in nervous dogs. It does not matter if you have two left feet!!







This class introduces you and your dog to the different agility obstacles. Agility is a fun way to train your dog up for off leash reliability. An additional benefit is that you no longer have to go to gym. Agility will keep you fit while you and your dog build your relationship.