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When are the classes?

Puppy class – 18h00
Dog Manners 1 – 18h00

Canine Freestyle – 08h30

Dog Manners 1 – 9am

07h45 - Reactive Rover (for dogs that are reactive on leash)
08h30 - Agility
09h30 - Puppy Class
10h45 - Dog Manners 1 & 2 (Junior)
11h45 - Dog Manners 1 & 2 (Adult)
12h45 - Intermediate (Canine Good Citizen)
13h45 - Canine Freestyle

NB! Classes start on time so please make sure you arrive at the appointed time for the benefit of your dog and the other people attending the class.

What is our class fee policy?
Please pay the full course fee in advance to secure a spot in the class. No refund or credit is given after the first class. If you are doing ongoing training please let us know in advance if you are not planning to continue the following month so we can offer your spot to someone else.

If you miss a class the instructor will help you catch up in the next lesson or you can join one of the classes in the week if you are available. We can offer you a private catch-up lesson at an extra cost but lessons will not be carried over or credit given for missed lessons. Many months have 5 Saturdays in so you will score an extra lesson here and there anyway.

My dog is aggressive, can I bring him for socialization?
For the protection of all participants in group classes, Dog Dynamics reserves the right to decline entry to any dog who presents behaviour issues that may be dangerous or disruptive to the class. If Dog Dynamics determines that a dog is not able to participate in the group class, you will be referred to a private consultation with an appropriately qualified trainer. Group classes are not designed to solve aggression problems and can be stressful for both dog and owner not to mention other people in the class.

The puppy/dog belongs to my child. Can the child handle the dog?
Children who would like to handle a dog must be 12 years or older and accompanied by an adult at all times. Since not all dogs are comfortable around or friendly toward children, children should be instructed to never approach or pet any other dog in class. If it is determined that the size or temperament of the dog makes it difficult for the child handler to control the dog, the accompanying adult will be asked to take over. Children may not be dropped off at class and left unattended

What do I do if my dog is ill?
Please do not bring your dog to class if your dog is suffering from an illness e.g. runny tummy, vomiting, discharge from nose/eyes etc. Please don't expose other dogs to whatever ailment your dog has. If your dog has recently been spayed or neutered, wait a week before returning to class.


Please contact us for further information regarding costs




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